Where are the dolls?


Dear friends and supporters from old times,

You may wonder why this site changed and what happened to my little doll studio.
I planned to expand my workshop, but life made its own plans. About five and a half years ago I became mother of an amazing little girl. Her name is Marlene and she is the youngest of my three children. She is sweet and loving, but life isn’t easy for her because she is autistic. She can’t speak yet and needs help with all things of everyday life. She needed and still needs my attention, my care, my love and my time. So time for making dolls became rare. (By the way: I´m feel honored and I´m touched that some of you are still asking for a Sonnenwiege doll.)

We tried to help her with diffrent therapies, but until now nothing realy worked.
Few weeks ago we found a educational program that already helped some autistic children. (If you want to learn more, take a look here.)

A little preview – more on Instagram

So we decided to dedicate this site from now to our little girl and collect donations to to ensure the financing of this program.

And I will start making some dolls again! Not for sale, but for donations. Actual I already started a brand new doll. If you want to see her making of, you can follow me on Instagram.

Thank you for still remembering me and my dolls! Thank you for understanding, supporting and sharing this site! Thank you for your prayers and kind words!